The Ngine Room
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The Ngine Room

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The Ngine Room was founded in 2017 by six specialist consultants looking to improve how businesses run their operations. 

Five of the founding consultants worked together at iris worldwide, a very successful global creative marketing agency. One of the founders, Selwyn Pye was the longest serving as he joined as an account handler less than a year after iris formed as employee number 12 in 2000. The agency then grew phenomenally from 12 people to 1,000 employees in 15 offices around the world.

With the years of experience that our team has had in Finance Operations, Procurement, Legal, IT, Production and HR, our knowledge of how to run the engine room of a business in our culture led industry is second to none. We have seen the very highs and very lows, set up offices around the world, merged several acquisitions in to the group and kept the cogs turning on the day to day. As a team we brought endless great results and efficiencies to the business enabling the delivery of growth and margin across the group. 

To complete our skill set we have teamed up with our HR expert, Will Goulding, who has been running his own very successful HR consultancy for the past 4 years.