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Our services below will be tailored to you and can be project based or on a retained basis so that you know there is availability to help deal with problems or issues that may arise and require quick resolution. 


We would produce a full diagnostic report by reviewing data and interviewing a few key people. Within the report there will be a Road Map produced to deliver improvements within your Ngine Room.

These reports available are:

  • HR Policies & Processes
  • Procurement & Best Purchasing Practice
  • Working Capital   
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Management Accounting 
  • Legal
  • IT - Infrastructure, Software & Hardware

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Our expert buyers have been purchasing in the industry for more than 20 years. There is no item that between them they have not bought. Our lead buying and production engineer runs her own business for 12 years delivering anything from a bar sign in Newcastle to producing glass in china and delivering around the world. She is partnered with the Ngine Room which brings an amazing black book of suppliers and she will deliver best in class products at better prices than your current suppliers can provide you. 

Clients are always looking for better value and maximising budgets. Deliver this though best in class purchasing.


We can help with working with client procurement as and when the need arises however on an ongoing basis we have set up the Trade Club to collaboratively purchase overhead costs to reduce costs for your business. In the process we aim to deliver an improved service / product as well as reduce costs. We can bespoke this service to our clients as some overhead costs / services you may wish to keep out of the Trade Club.

We look to deliver savings across the following overheads: Health Insurance, Company Insurances, Travel, Couriers, Taxis, IT, Stationery, Mobile Phones, Office Printers, Telephones, Office Subsistence etc.


Too often contracts auto renew and are not managed and they should be on a regular basis. This results in unexpected costs to the business which are generally due to the small print and employees not having time to really own the contract relationship with the supplier. 

It is imperative to ensure the service / product is as expected and the costs are not escalating for an unknown reason. We can keep track of all your contracts and ensure ambiguities are highlighted and renewals are not automatic providing time to review requirements and costs.

These contracts are generally for software, some overhead costs and finance leases.


Do you have guidance in place for your teams and your suppliers to work well together? Do these replicate what is needed by your clients?

Our experts engineers can guide and facilitate the following:

  • Trading Terms and Conditions
  • Best Practice Purchasing
  • Supplier code of conduct
  • Ethical polices
  • Internal Recycling  
  • Travel and Expenses Policies/Processes
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Software requirements

Storage Optimisation

Are you constantly paying for storage?

We can provide an audit of your storage to evaluate the cost of storage vs the value of goods with a recommendation of an alternative storage solution. 


HR outsourcing is tailor made for your business. Our efficient and effective service is provided at a fraction of the cost of an internal department. Allow the Ngine Room to take on the burden and responsibility.  

Services Offered

  • Employment Contracts
  • Payroll Management, including related tax submissions 
  • Policy Writing
  • Recruitment
  • Restructuring and Redundancies 
  • Absence Management
  • Performance Management
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  • Training and Development
  • Meeting Services
  • Legal Services
  • Tax efficient employee benefits
  • Pensions / Auto enrolment 


Our Lawyer engineer has 15 years Marketing and Charity experience and we can offer the advice and documents for the following:

  • Corporate Advice
  • Company Structural Changes
  • Share scheme administration 
  • Company Secretarial Duties
  • IP
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Client Contracts 
  • Supplier Contracts 
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Company Set Up - UK or overseas


When M&A's take place, be it you are doing the purchasing or you are being purchased, the process creates a huge strain on your Ngine room and effects everyone in the business. There is generally uncertainly and confusion across the business. Let us help you cut through this and help establish the new ways of working and introduce efficiencies to the new group of companies. Our engineers have dealt with integration from both sides, being acquired and doing the acquiring. 

Data Protection

GDPR law comes in to effect in May 2018. Are you ready? This is a game changer in how data protection requirements need to be managed and silly fines will be law. Up to 4% of annual turnover  or €20m, whichever is the higher.

Our IT specialist can guide you through and implement what you need to ensure you are safeguarded against this and will be able to commit to your clients that you have all relevant systems and processes in place.

IT - Support Services

Our preferred partner of Managed IT Services is a proactive, fast response and forward thinking provider. They are the UK’s Apple OS and cross-platform managed service specialist offering the following services:

  • Apple and cross-platform environments
  • Networking (firewalls, access points)
  • Proactive support (monitoring, patching, regular onsite)
  • File sharing services + monitoring (Windows, Mac, Cloud)
  • Security audits & sensible IT security policies (AV)
  • Management & deployment solutions
  • Regular onsite visits
  • Virtual IT manager service (help shape IT planning & budgets)
  • All support delivered against fixed SLA’s
  • Management of new starters/Leavers
  • Detailed take on audit & documentation.

IT - Hosted Emails and servers

Details coming soon


We can deliver over 50% reduction in costs to employ.

This is a tried and tested model that has been delivered by one of our engineers. A team of ten Accounts Payables and Receivables is successfully servicing the employers UK head office as well as 14 other offices around the world.

If you have ever thought about or are interested in dedicated or shared outsourced employees then we can help you make this happen.

Areas of support can be given in Finance, HR Admin, Recruitment, General Admin and PA's. 

Finance reporting / Commercial

Our experienced consultants have been FD's in several marketing agencies and knows the ins and outs of how to improve reporting and financial processes to support margin improvement. 


How safe are you with your cash and payments through your bank account?

We advise on how to improve your processes with your bank, how to protect your cash and ensure you are not wasting money and time.


Cashflow is the fuel to any Ngine Room. Without a constant flow and extra fuel injected in the right place at the right time could cause blockages or fires to fight that you can not afford it to happen. With experience of managing 100m+ cash across 70+ bank accounts with live cashflows we can advise how to improve how to forecast when the fuel is driving, what parts of the business  

TImesheet Compliance

Imagine the improved compliance when your finance system Paprika cuts off the internet when your employees don't enter their time sheets by the deadline. Our IT consultant can make this happen for you.


There are several factors to take in to account when delivering a new office from scratch. With our previous experience in legally setting up offices and getting them running on the ground we know how to ensure the new office Ngine Room is running and effectively linking to the Ngine room at head office. 

ACCOUNTANCY / Book keeping/ Payroll / Pensions

We offer assistance to companies as well as individuals, from start-up services of simple book keeping to the annual cycle of accounting and tax submissions and payments.

We will prepare Corporation Tax Returns on behalf of your company, with the intention of managing any tax liabilities as effectively as possible.

We can also work as your payroll agent, performing payroll calculations, preparing staff paperwork and submitting RTI reports as required by HMRC. We have also actively assisted clients meet their auto-enrolment requirements.